Ainsworth Primary School

To commemorate World War (I) Centenery Celebration, on 1st of July 2014, Discovery Girls Club visited Kariokor War Cemetery. This is the only war casualty cemetery for those of African descentry.

At Single Mothers' Association of Kenya (S.M.A..K.) library
Watching LET'S DIE LIKE BROTHERS and another of Commonwealth War graves Commission (C.W.G.C.) donated Great War documentaries


By the CROSS OF SACRIFICE put up in a war graves cemetery with more than 50 casualties,
here we have 59 war dead of whom three are un-known...or as their headstones read 'known only unto God'


From the S.M.A.K. Green House flower-beds are to be tendered for the beautification of the cemetery into a botanical garden

Africans were never corded a decent burial during W.W. (I). Either they were left as feed for the fowls of the air or beast of the field to feed on if not bundled into un-marked mass grave, yet the German casualties who were battling out against the Britons were laid to rest side-by-side.These are at Taita Taveta

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